Road chaos in Melbourne today, after a petrol tanker rolled on the Calder freeway in peak-hour traffic. The crash left one man dead and another six people were taken to hospital.

Charlie Hodgetts reports.


Around 8am this morning, a petrol tanker attempting to avoid a collision has flipped and crushed a car on the Calder freeway.

At least one person in the car died.

The truck was in the centre lane when a car pulled in front of it.

The tanker swerved, the driver losing control.

He was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital with leg injuries.

Five others suffered neck, shoulder and facial injuries.

Authorities say fuel spilled from the tanker into a nearby creek.

Darren Mcquade, Metro Fire Brigade: “We know that we’ve stopped the leak in one location, and what we’re doing now is a plan to remove the fuel, the contaminated water in the creek.”

The tanker was carrying 600 litres of diesel and 20,000 litres of unleaded petrol.

Victorian Police are investigating as well as looking into impacts on the creek.

Charlie Hodgetts, QUT News.