It’s week three of the federal election campaign. The Prime Minister is under pressure from the polls, for the first time. Infrastructure is a key word for both leaders, campaigning on opposite sides of the country today.

Joshua Cheadle reports.


Malcolm Turnbull was at Merimbula airport today in a bid to gain votes in the bellwether seat of Eden Monaro.

Every party that’s won that electorate has gone on top win the election in the last 17 polls.

The PM announced the Federal Government will pledge more than a million dollars towards the redevelopment of the airport and a further 10 million to expand the port of Eden.

Mr Turnbull also has a message for Australian voters over Labor’s spending policies.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister:”He thinks he can campaign simply on spending but Australians know that his black hole of unfunded promises is getting deeper and darker every day.”

Labor currently hold a two party preferred lead of 51 to 49%.

The same as when the election was called.

Malcolm Turnbull however remains the preferred Prime Minister, though his lead over Bill Shorten has halved.

The Labor leader is targeting marginal seats in Perth today, announcing a billion dollar joint venture with the State Labor opposition to fund the Metronet Rail project.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “The big lie of this election is that the Liberals are saying that somehow Labor is spending a lot more than the Liberals.”

Mr Shorten will be aiming to take advantage of the Liberal government’s unpopularity in WA to gain federal votes for Labor.

Joshua Cheadle, QUT News.