A new camera that produces a 360 degree view is about to be released in Australia. This new technology has the potential to change everything from sports coverage to traffic monitoring.

Charlie Hodgetts reports.


Dash cams have revolutionised the way we monitor road accidents, but they’ve been limited to what’s in front of the camera.

That’s about to change.

The new, 4k-360 Fly provides a full 360 degree view that can show every angle.

Nick Segger, 360 Fly: “Unlike anything else it’s one single lens that sees everything all the time.”

Other virtual reality cameras have multiple lenses to record a full sphere.

This new single camera can allow much greater 4k streaming which has potential to not only change the way we view traffic incidents, but sports coverage and virtual reality as well.

Nick Segger, 360 Fly: “People will be sitting in their living rooms feeling like they are in the front seat of a racing car by the side of a football pitch or right in the middle of a TV show, it will change the way you view content forever.”

The camera is expected to be available in June.

Charlie Hodgetts, QUT News.