The average Australian is eating more than double the recommended amount of salt every day. And the Cancer Council is warning. If we don’t cut back on that intake, we’re risking potentially fatal health conditions.

Isabella Pilbeam reports.


According to the Cancer Council the majority of Australians are digesting 4000 milligrams of sodium twice as much as health experts recommend.

Katie Clift, Cancer Council Queensland: “Many Queenslanders according to our everyday health survey, about 94% don’t know the daily limit intake for salt which is concerning for us.”

According to Australian Dietary Guidlines, we should only consume about 1600mg of salt per day.

Experts warn the majority of people don’t know that many everyday foods are packed full of sodium.

Katie Clift, Cancer Council Queensland: “Some spreads are up to three times the maximum amount of intake to reduce the risk of chronic disease, so sandwiches can far exceed the limit.”

Excessive salt intake is linked to conditions like stomach cancer and cardiovascular disease.

With more than one third of cancers preventable through lifestyle changes, experts say it’s imperative that Australians become more informed about the hidden dangers of salt.

And all the information on salt content can be found on labels like these.

Katie Clift, Cancer Council Queensland: “Go for fresh foods, fresh fruits, fresh vegtables. Avoid prepackaged foods as much as possible or get in the habit of reading those food labels. Make sure you’re aiming for as low sodium as possible.”

You can find out more information about safe salt consumption on the Caner Council’s web site

Isabella Pilbeam, QUT News.