It’s the last chance for our Aussie rowers to qualify for Rio. At the finals in Switzerland, the teams in our mens’ and womens’ eights both finished third. They must go better in tomorrow’s sudden-death races.

Gizelle Ghidella reports.


The dream to compete in the Olympic games this year is down to the wire for our mens’ and womens’ eights.

Both, have to place in the top two on Tuesday to secure their chance at a gold medal.

Our women are confident that all their training will pay off.

Alexandra Hagan, Womens’ Eight: “We do have four years of training under our belt and we have to trust that that’s going to to get us over the line and we have not only the four years of training but just sticking together as a crew.”

There’s a huge amount of pressure for our relatively young mens’ crew.

An Australian eights sculls, has competed at every Olympics since 1948.

But the boys believe they can do us proud.

Stuart Sim, Mens’ Eight Cox: “To this group of guys and myself especially, we care about what the green and gold means to the world and we want to fly that flag proudly.”

For Hannah Every-Hall this could be the end of her 17 year rowing career.

Hannah Every-Hall, Women’s Double Scull: “In essence it could be it, one step at a time but I’m approaching forty, so this would be my last Regatta should it not go the way I want it to.”

Seven Aussie boats have already qualified for Rio.

Gizelle Ghidella, QUT News.