Raids by Federal Police on a Labor Senator and staffers have ended in a full blown political row. Labor says they were politically motivated. The Liberals say that’s rubbish. The raids follow an investigation into leaks of confidential information concerning the National Broadband Network.

Damon Ryan reports.


Federal police were at the office of Labor Senator, Stephen Conroy and homes of other staffers until five am this morning.

They seized documents relating to the roll out of the NBN and were reportedly investigating unauthorised disclosure of information.

But Labor Leader Bill Shorten questions the timing of the raids, implying they were politically motivated.

The AFP rejects that suggestion completely.

Andrew Colvin, AFP Commissioner: “The timing is completely determined by the AFP. It’s determined by the status and progress of the investigation.”

Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus demands a full account of the government’s involvement and Bill Shorten says the public have the right to know the truth.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “Mr Turnbull is going to extraordinarily long lengths to stop Australians finding out the truth about the cost blow-outs in NBN.”

The Prime Minister says they already have the truth.

He claims the raids had nothing to do with the government and involved a complaint by the NBN itself.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “The NBN Co made a referral of a matter of concern of illegal leak of confidential commercial information.”

The issue may now cause headaches for the ALP in the run up to the election.

Damon Ryan, QUT News.