The annual Greek festival Paniyiri is back. In under 24 hours Musgrave Park will be flooded with food, dancing, food, culture, and more food.

Cassandra Catsoulis reports.


Seventy thousand people are expected over the weekend, to enjoy Queensland’s longest running multicultural festival.

Paniyiri started as a picnic in the park, in 1976.

Chris Kazonis, Chairman: “I believe it will continue for the next 40 years.”

But it is more than just a party for the Hellenic culture.

It stimulates the local economy and benefits charities as well.

Chris Kazonis, Chairman: “It’s one of those things that by showcasing, we can benefit a lot of areas in the community.”

Paniyiri is so well regarded in Brisbane that Greeks are generally outnumbered by other nationalities at the festival.

Dimitri Amarandos, GOYA: “Paniyiri means, Greek festival Trella means crazy, so it should be nuts.”

Greek personality Effie and other celebrities will join a night of Dancing With The Stars, Greek style.

The Greeks are well known for their passion for life and that is always a big part of the festival.

The 40 year celebration is expecting record crowds.

The festival kicks off this weekend at Musgrave Park, don’t forget your Zorba shoes.

Chris Kazonis, Chairman: “Zorba the Greek, we can play it 20 times, and it will be packed.”

With Paniyiri the Greek community simply aims to enjoy itself, raise enough money to cover costs, and donate what’s left over to charity and other community events.

Cassandra Catsoulis, QUT News.