Five men, dubbed the ‘tinny terrorists’ have been remanded in custody after appearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court. They’d been extradited under tight security, from Cairns.

Adriana Mageros reports.


The complex journey began just after dawn.

The five accused, arrived at Cairns Airport in a police van.

On board, just the five men and a heavy police guard for the three hour flight to Melbourne.

At Tullarmarine, the plane immediately taxied into a large industrial shed, and put in another secure van for the short trip to the Court complex.

The men were arrested near Cairns last week, suspected of trying to use this seven metre fishing vessel, to begin a journey from Cape York to Syria.

State and Federal police had been monitoring the men for days since they left Melbourne.

It’s suspected the boat was to be used to make the journey from Indonesia to Syria.

The men had already been on the terror watch list, and their passports been cancelled.

The group have been charged with preparing to flee the country for the purpose of engaging in hostile activities.

If found guilty, they face possible life imprisonment.

Adriana Mageros, QUT News.