School boy Curtis milking a cow. Photo by Tegan Atkins.
Primary School boy Curtis milking a cow. Photo by Tegan Atkins.

By Tegan Atkins

A fun-filled and interactive Queensland rural day hopes to inspire kids to choose agricultural jobs in the future.

For the past 13 years, The Royal Queensland Show Rural Discovery Day has been educating kids on where their food came from.

RNA Chief Executive Brendan Christou said the event also showed kids the importance of agriculture to our daily lives.

“The RNA and the Ekka is all about supporting our farmers and without farmers we have no agriculture and without that we have no food or clothing so it’s absolutely critical and essential to all of us,” he said.

Volunteer at Nambour State High School Ray Pembleton said we needed more people in the agricultural industry.

“I hope some of (the kids) go home and say ‘I want to be a farmer’ because we need more people in the agricultural industry,” he said.

“Not just farmers, we need research scientists, we need everybody.”

He said kids were in awe at the realisation their milk didn’t just come from the supermarket.

“I also hope these kids go home and say ‘right that’s where my food comes from, I’ve got to look after those farmers, I’ve got to make decisions (so) those farmers continue on in the future’.”

Samantha Holdaway milking a cow. Photo taken by Tegan Atkins.
Samantha Holdaway milking a cow. Photo by Tegan Atkins.

Nambour State High School student Samantha Holdaway was teaching the city kids about milking cows. She is part of the agriculture department at the school and would love to see more young people visiting farms before they’re older.

“(The kids) can learn how to milk (cows) and (learn) lots of different breeds of cows, and learn how much milk different breeds produce,” she said.

The Rural Discovery Day was a rare chance for some of Brisbane’s primary school kids to get out of the classroom and interact with the wonders of the agricultural industry.