A sea of cyclists flooded Brisbane streets this morning. And the aim of ‘Ride 2 Work Day’ this year, to get more women on bikes.

Adriana Mageros reports.


Peddle power is on the move with Bike Week now Queesnland’s largest cycling festival.

And today’s main event attracted cyclists of all ages.

Adrian Schrinner, Deputy Mayor: “It’s all about providing choice for commuting to work. Whether it’s driving a car, public transport, walking or cycling, we want to make sure that the choice is there.”

Bicycle Queensland says only 20 to 25 per cent of cyclists in Australia are women.

In Europe it’s more like 50 per cent.

Ben Wilson, CEO Bicycle Queensland: “So it’s a test of the health and the cycling network to get women riding and failure to get women riding is telling us that more needs to be done.”

The majority of those who registered for the annual Ride to Work Day are reportedly still regular commuter converts.

VOX 1: “Yeah I ride to work every single day. I live in West End and I work in the city and it’s really beautiful riding along the river, I find it really safe.”

VOX 2: “It’s really nice to not be in traffic, I hate waiting so this is a great way to get around the traffic and do exercise at the same time.”

This year’s event attracted a record number of cyclists and organisers hope women like me will be inspired by peddle power.

Adriana Mageros, QUT News.