There’s new hope for people with spinal cord injuries thanks to a brand new Brisbane stem cell research facility. It’s a legacy to the late Clem Jones, and today the Premier said the former Lord Mayor would be amazed and proud of the centre.

Tina Wood reports.


It was all hope and smiles as Premier Palaszczuk officially opened the new centre this morning.

Researchers at this facility for Neurobiology and Stem Cell Research are preparing for trials.

They’ll focus on restoring sensory and motor function to people with spinal cord injuries.

Perry Cross, Spinal Research Campaigner: “This centre offers true hope that one day we’ll be able to cure paralysis and other neurological disorders, possibly have people in wheelchairs up and walking again before too long.”

The research team is working on cell transplantation therapy, which injects regenerative nasal cells into damaged spinal cords.

Dr James St John, Research Leader: “Imagine what it would be like for a paralysed person to stand up out of a wheelchair and walk again, and to feel their legs as well.”

The Clem Jones research facility has the financial support of the state government.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Premier: “This is about ground breaking research, but making sure that we have the ability and the research capability to have clinical trials here in Australia but also commercialise that research.”

The brand new facility is equipped with the latest world class equipment.

The Biocell robot plays a huge part in speeding up the research process. It is hoped that 25 people will be involved in the clinical trials in 2018.

In the battle to refine methods of treating those with spinal cord injuries, researchers rely on additional support from fund raising partnerships.

Tina Wood, QUT News.