Labor has announced its first big-ticket campaign promise. They’ll overturn the Government’s freezing of Medicare rebate levels which will cost $12 billion over a decade. The Prime Minister says, where’s the money coming from?

Amanda Harper reports.


Bill Shorten says dumping the freeze of medicare rebate levels, imposed in this year’s budget, is good medicine for our health.

Bill Shorten, Federal Opposition Leader: “We will defend an Australia were it is your health card, not your credit card, that determines the quality of health care you get in this country.”

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “Frankly with Labor it’s the same old Labor. Unfunded promises. Now are $67 billion of unfunded promises over the next four years.”

The Opposition Leader nearly had to visit a doctor himself this afternoon.

A car tried to do a u-turn in front of his vehicle, before colliding with oncoming traffic.

Shorten says today is significant for Australians and the future of bulk billing.

Bill Shorten, Federal Opposition Leader: “It is a battle between Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberals who are determined through their policies to undermine bulk billing and medicare, and Labor who will fight with every ounce of our energy to defend and save medicare.”

The Prime Minister visited a chemical tanks manufacturer in Sydney today.

Sticking to his campaign mantra of jobs and growth.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minster: “So right across the board, smart investments in infrastructure, innovation, trade support deals, supporting business. My government’s economic plan has every element pulling in the direction of jobs and growth.”

Amanda Harper, QUT News.