For more than a thousand school children the country came to the city today. It was all about learning more about what they often take for granted.

Tess O’Sullivan reports.


A cracking start to an exciting day.

Brisbane school kids converged on the Brisbane Showgrounds this morning for the Ekka’s Rural Discovery Day.

They’re here to see first hand where their food comes from, talking to real farmers, and learning how to milk cows, shear sheep and grow crops.

Brendan Christou, RNA Chief Executive: “It’s a hands on experience, the EKKA is the state’s largest classroom.”

And it’s clear there’s a lot to learn.

Connor Acworth: “Until today, I thought milk came from the supermarket. I thought people just made it.”

The barnyard babies exhibit was a hit, with lots of lambs and pigglets to cuddle.

VOX 1: “I’ve been around these kind of animals but I haven’t been able to touch them.”

It wasn’t just animals, organic and healthy food featured.

Most kids only think about food once it’s on their plate.

Days like today give them a chance to see how it actually gets there.

And students were given an important message to take away.

Ray Pembleton, Farmer: “I would also hope those kids go home and go, that’s where my food comes from, I’ve got to look after those farmers.”

A preview to the Royal Brisbane Show which comes to town in August.

Tess O’Sullivan, QUT News.