A prominent War Memorial in Brisbane’s north will be relocated and restored. The shrine at Hamilton needs to be moved to make way for the Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade.

Sophia Wray reports.


The War Memorial at Cameron Rocks Reserve in Hamilton has been in this location for 85 years.

But it’s standing in the way of the planned upgrade of Kingsford Smith Drive starting this year, and needs to be moved.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “It will be in the newly constructed Cameron Rocks Reserve Park front and centre, it will feature, it will mean that there will be more space for people to commemorate ANZAC Day events..”

The heritage-listed memorial is dedicated to the men of Hamilton who gave their lives in the First World War.

While it couldn’t stand in the way of progress, the RSL says it’s important the memorial be preserved.

Bill O’Chee, RSL: “In terms of this memorial, we sat down with Council we said we had concerns with the original plan we were able to work through those details to ensure there was a relocation which treated the memorial with proper respect it deserved, and that’s a great outcome for all.”

It will take the stonemason two to three weeks to dismantle the memorial.

The stone and bronze work will then be completely restored.

The memorial will be moved and reinstated here, with work due to be completed by ANZAC Day 2017.

Sophia Wray, QUT News.