It’s been revealed that a a Sydney teenager accused of plotting a lone wolf terror attack had planned to buy a suicide vest on the internet. He appeared in a Sydney court today and is facing life imprisonment if convicted of terror charges.

Helen Driscoll reports.


A former Epping Boys High School Student Tamin Khaja is accused of scouting locations for an ‘imminent terror attack’.

He was allegedly attempting to buy a gun when he was arrested in the carpark outside the stadium on Tuesday.

Khaja was detained and hand cuffed in a gutter in the car park, wearing jeans, a t-shirt and no shoes.

He did not make an application for bail when he faced Parramatta court today.

Osman Samin, Suspect’s Lawyer: “Serious allegations have been made, but as with all cases, applicable is the presumption of innocence and I seek to proceed on that footing, and I ask the public to do the same.”

Police claim the teenager was targeting a government building, including a police station.

They’ve been monitoring Khaja for a while, after a tip off from a fellow class mate last year.

It was claimed he was preaching extremism to his peers in the playground.

Tamin Khaja was questioned for 12 hours yesterday and is due to appear in court again tomorrow.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister: “Security and intelligence services are working effectively from the number of the arrests in recent times.”

Authorities say nine imminent terror attacks have been prevented in the past two years.

Helen Driscoll, QUT News.