Thoughts? Source: flickr/robandstephanielevy
Sexism on the streets: one of the Wicked Campervans. Source: flickr/robandstephanielevy

Written by Samantha Cheney, edited for online by Tegan Atkins

Wicked Campervan is under fire accused of breaching advertising standards.

The RACQ has called on the state Government to ban Wicked Campervan’s derogatory slogans from the state’s roads.

This call followed recent and numerous complaints lodged by members at the RACQ.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk called for a boycott of the vans.

“It’s unacceptable for such vile slogans to be printed on touring vans,” she said.

Premier Palaszczuk also called for Wicked to censor itself by removing slogans degrading women.

RACQ’s Anna Jeffries said it was time for the company to stop ignoring the Advertising Standards Bureau and public opinion.

“RACQ thinks it’s time for action on Wicked campers,” she said.

“They’ve been ignoring adverse decisions handed down to them from the Advertising Standard Bureau for too long.

“There has been no consequences for them, they’ve continued to operate in breach of those codes, and we basically just think enough is enough.”

Ms Jeffries said the campervan’s explicit depictions of pornographic images and derogatory statements about women should not be allowed in the public.

“We’ve been getting lots of complaints from members over the last couple of years,” Miss Jeffries said.

“They’ve seen something on the road and thought ‘that’s not on, my two-year-old has seen this’.

“If it was on television it would be pulled off television.”

She went on to say Wicked Campervans should follow the same standards as on television.

“We don’t think this is right and Queenslanders don’t think this is right and now it’s time for the State Government to do something and get the Wicked Campervans with those particular slogans off the road,” she said.

In a statement Wicked said they were not fussed by the Premier calling for a boycott of the company and while they were looking at some alternative marketing strategies, Wicked was keeping business as usual.