A popular Mosque in Victoria has been destroyed in what police are calling a suspicious fire. But they are not sure it is an attack on Islam directly because of a series of similar fires in other churches.

Adriana Mageros reports.


The blaze began at the former Anglican church following a loud explosion around two this morning.

The mosque’s Imam and his family live only metres away and abandoned their home when they saw flames, no one was injured.

But the Imam says they’ve lost more than just the building itself.

Mohammad Ramzan Imam, Geelong Mosque: “Our heart and our spirit connection and our souls. And hopefully there will be, there will be a recovery soon.”

The 23-year-old mosque was engulfed in flames and required seven fire crews to bring it under control.

They were forced to tackle the fire outside the property due to concerns it would collapse.

Footage from a witness shows a man speaking to the Imam moments after the fire started, then driving off in a white Commodore station wagon with New South Wales plates.

Inspector Graham Banks, Victoria Police: “This is one of a series of fires against places of worship in the Geelong area. There’s been four previous since October last year.”

One wall is at risk of collapsing and it’s unknown how long the recovery process will take.

Neighbours have been asked to evacuate their properties in case the buidling falls.

Adriana Mageros, QUT News.