One man has been killed and another injured after the boat they were in was struck by a crocodile in the Northern Territory. The two holidaymakers had travelled to Darwin from Victoria to go crabbing.

Philippe Coquerand reports.


The 72-old-year man and his friend 75-year-old Noel Ramage were crab hunting at Leaders Creek north-east of Darwin in their small tinny.

As they were grabbing the crab pots from the water, it’s claimed a crocodile attacked, and in the struggle the boat was tipped over.

Ian Badham, Careflight: “At that time the crocodiles kept coming back at him and he had to use a spanner to smash the skull and he was throwing spark plugs from the motor and other crocodiles.”

After a three hour ordeal he managed to push the boat into the relative safety of mangroves.

Ian Badham, Careflight: “Eventually his cries for help were picked up by three other professional crabbers in the area.”

The man’s been treated in Darwin hospital for shock, dehydration and exposure but has since been discharged.

It’s understood Mr Ramage became trapped under the boat and drowned, his body has been retrieved.

Philippe Coquerand, QUT News.