An Ipswich City Councillor is demanding the urgent upgrade of roads in his region. Paul Tully is backed up by RACQ statistics which reveal the area has some of the worst traffic black spots in Queensland.

Tess O’Sullivan reports.


As far as Queensland roads go, these are some of the worst.

The RACQ says Brisbane Street Ipswich, the Ipswich Motorway at Goodna, Redbank Plains Road Redbank Plains and Queen Street Goodna need urgent repair.

Anna Jeffries, RACQ Spokesperson: “It means that consumers are frustrated when they are driving through heavily congested roads and that’s where inattention and crashes can occur.”

With some of these roads carrying more than 100,000 vehicles daily, Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully says, it’s time they were fixed.

Paul Tully, Councillor Ipswich: “This is appalling that we are not getting the funding we deserve, it causes accidents, it causes delays and problems that need to be addressed.”

As for the commuters.

Vox 1: “With the cars coming in here its like havoc.”

Vox 2: “Very frustrating, very busy sometimes. And accident in front here.”

These blacklisted roads are among the busiest in the southwest region, with more than 1,500 crashes occuring in the space of just three years.

Federally both parties have committed 200 million dollars to fund an upgrade of the Ipswich motorway, and with the election campaign well underway, commuters are hoping it’s just the start.

Tess O’Sullivan, QUT News.