The national media spotlight is about to shine on Inala, but not everyone’s happy about it. The Brisbane City Council is refusing to co-operate with SBS, after the broadcaster decided to focus on the suburb for its controversial Struggle Street series.

Cassandra Catsoulis reports.


Inala doesn’t enjoy the best reputation, and that’s exactly why its attractive to SBS.

The broadcaster wants to include the suburb in its latest Struggle Street series, focussing on the socio economic problems in the area.

But the Lord Mayor says the council won’t co-operate, because of the way the producers treated Mount Druitt in Sydney during the first series.

Residents agree.

Vox 1: “I believe its ten times better than Mount Druitt.”

Vox 2: “Yeah I think it’s a good idea, I don’t think Inala needs that type of negativity.”

But some locals think there’s nothing wrong with the media spotlight.

Vox 3: “Struggle Street does portray how a lot of people live in every day society.”

Some local community leaders fear the program might disadvantage residents.

Haley Kiata, Inala Community House: “I think at a high level, we are really protecting our community to being exploited and exposed in a not so positive light. No, I’d like it to stay far away from Inala.”

SBS says it’s not targetting Inala but highlighting issues relevant in suburbs throughout Australia.

Producers say, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk’s ban on filming Struggle Street Two will not stop production.

SBS intends to start filming in the next few months, with the show being aired next year.

Cassandra Catsoulis, QUT News.