The Brisbane City Council has taken a stand on the controversial issue of gay marriage and voted overwhelmingly in favour of it. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is now urging his federal counterparts to follow suit.

Amanda Harper reports.


In an historic vote the Brisbane City Council backed marriage equality by 19 votes to five.

Breaking ranks with the LNP federally, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk was behind the move, urging the government to go ahead with its promised vote on the issue.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “I am happy for the matter to go to a plebiscite. Every Australian gets an opportunity to vote in relation to that.”

The Lord Mayor concedes the council vote was symbolic.

A second motion calling on the Federal Government to legislate for marriage equality was defeated.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “So that’s the reality. We had a conscience vote on that matter, and the council expressed a view in relation to marriage equality but elected not to go further.”

LNP Candidate for Brisbane, Trevor Evans has welcomed the vote. Mr Evans, who is openly gay says if elected he will back same sex marriage federally.

The candidate says he’s proud of the Lord Mayor’s motion and that it received overwhelming support in the council.

Amanda Harper, QUT News.