It’s not every day a young, aspiring pilot meets a World-War-II top gun. 17-year-old, Daniel Hughes, had that opportunity at Amberley today.

Tina Wood reports.


They may be generations apart, but it was a meeting of minds as Daniel Hughes met former World-War-II spitfire pilot, Chuck Younger.

The young cadet met the real life top gun after winning a national flying competition last year.

The 100-year-old, showing his medals as they talked about Chuck’s time in the airforce.

The centenarian had some simple advice for his young friend.

Chuck Younger, World-War-II pilot: “Keep your eyes open and your mouth closed.”

Daniel Hughes, Cadet: “It’s been incredible, it’s an absolute honour to meet Mr. Chuck Younger here, just the things that he’s gone through, the stories that he’s told me. It’s just been amazing just to hear what it’s been like.”

Wing Commander, Tony Lee, says the opportunity is priceless.

Tony Lee, Wing Commander: “For a young man like Daniel, a young, keen, enthusiastic aviator, to be able to sit down with really a national treasure and discuss flying really is a special occasion for Daniel.”

Although technology has made massive advances since Chuck’s days as a pilot, both can agree that flying has had a huge impact on their lives.

And, it sounds like Daniel has listened to Chuck’s advice.

Daniel Hughes, Cadet: “As Mr Chuck Younger says, keep your eyes open and mouth shut.”

Tina Wood, QUT News.