You often hear in the news about out-of-control cars crashing into a house but you’d probably not expect a runaway tram to do the same thing, well that’s what happened in Melbourne last night.

Philippe Coquerand reports.


It was an unscheduled stop that jolted the residents of Kew.

The tram crashing off the tracks and into a house, coming to rest in Paul Wilson’s bedroom.

Paul Wilson, Resident: “I was just lying in bed, next thing you know the tram hits here and just jolted the bed. I’ve virtually just rolled out.”

The tram had just collided with a car before ramming into the residence.

The BMW spun several times before smashing into the brick wall at the Kew cemetery.

Paul Wilson, Resident: “I thought there was an accident out the front and I thought yes another car smash, then a second bang and a third bang and that’s where my car must’ve been. The fence came through smashing the car, and with the second and third bang was the walls.”

The female driver of the car was hospitalised with minor injuries while two passengers escaped unharmed.

As for Paul Wilson, he’s hoping for better night’s sleep.

Philippe Coquerand, QUT News.