Lines were drawn in the Federal election campaign today with both leaders making big statements, Malcolm Turnbull has hit out at Labor’s commitment to border protection while Bill Shorten has made the biggest financial commitment of the campaign so far.

Tess O’Sullivan reports.


Bill Shorten was all out in his push for jobs at an Adelaide factory this morning, luckily Penny Wong was there to reign him in.

Later, he made his biggest announcement of the campaign yet, $500 million for local tram projects in South Australia which he says will create 2000 jobs.

Bill Shorten, Labor Leader: “Investing in quality public transport in Adelaide, investing in new jobs in South Australia and investing in manufacturing.”

The tone was a little more relaxed in the north as Malcolm Turnbull spent his first full day in Darwin.

He’s already had a couple of beers with locals at a Q&A in a pub last night and he certainly felt the heat with one man pressing the PM on ice addiction.

VOX 1: “Anybody in the territory, when? Increased funding across the board to front line, when? Well the … When? Well, I can’t identify the actual services for you here.”

The Prime Minister took his own swing saying Labor shies away from tough border protection policies.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “They lack conviction, they lack the commitment, to keep our borders secure.”

Earlier he’d back-flipped on his party’s controversial tax to slug backpackers 32.5% tax rate from the first dollar they earn.

Kelly O’Dwyer, Assistant Treasurer: “The government has announced that they will not be treated as non-residents for tax purposes in the next six months.”

Backpackers say they’d vote with their packs and simply go elsewhere.

Tess O’Sullivan, QUT News.