Queensland’s legal fraternity took to the streets of Brisbane today as hundreds of judges, barristers and solicitors led by the Chief Justice and Attorney General raise money for disadvantaged people who need legal support.

Helen Driscoll reports.


They’re often adversaries in court, but this morning they came together for a cause they all believe in.

The annual Queensland Legal Walk is held to keep free community legal services available for all.

Karen Dyhrberg, “Lady Justice” Solicitor at QPILCH: “We help the homeless and particular marginal and vulnerable members of the community who have a whole range of legal problems that need addressing to stop them spiraling out of control.”

Ms Dyhrberg is the principal solicitor at QPILCH, which provides services to members of the community who would not otherwise have access to justice.

The Attorney-General emphasises the need for continued federal funding.

Yvette D’Ath, Attorney-General of Queensland: “We know that when it comes to domestic and family violence, when it comes to closing the gap in indigenous disadvantage that we need to be supporting those people through the legal system.”

The Chief Justice is patron of QPLICH.

Hon. Catherine Holmes, Chief Justice of Qld: “I see the benefits of it and hence my getting up early in a way that I would never do.”

More than 2000 Queenslanders visit community legal centres each year and many of these people are severely disadvantaged.

Without these services, there is minimal assistance available when they need it.

A five kilometre walk, part of a long journey for justice.

Helen Driscoll, QUT News.