The RACQ is calling on both sides of politics to make road funding a priority during the election campaign. The motoring body has released its wishlist of infrastructure projects, with the Bruce and Warrego Highways featuring prominently.

Adriana Mageros reports.


The RACQ says this campaign should be all about road funding.

Anna Jeffries, RACQ spokeswoman: “We haven’t seen too many promises from either side of politics at the moment. The commitments that we need going forward are for the Bruce Highway and the Warrego Highway especially, and we also need city-building projects like the Cross River Rail.”

The motoring body says the new government should make it a priority to fix the Bruce Highway to the north and the Warrego to the west.

Anna Jeffries, RACQ spokeswoman: “The Bruce Highway is basically the backbone of Queensland and it’s the backbone of the Queensland economy, it’s where the trucks keep moving and it’s where our commuters keep moving everyday.”

It’s also unsafe, considered the most dangerous road in Australia.

Adrian Grath, truck driver: “It definitely needs upgrading, it’s a death trap that road in parts definitely a death trap. When you get further out, it’s a death trap.”

Those who make a living behind the wheel agree something needs to be done urgently.

Adrian Garth, truck driver: “Spend more money on the roads, definitely spend more money on the roads, especially up here. They’ve just spent a lot on the new Pacific Highway, so they can spend a lot in Queensland too.”

Congestion already costs Australians $16.5 billion each year, and if effective plans aren’t put into place, that amount is predicted to rise to $53 billion by 2031.

The RACQ says better roads would cut that cost.

Adriana Mageros, QUT News.