It’s week two of the federal election campaign and both leaders have begun with a focus on jobs in ship-building, and the car industry.

Helen Driscoll reports.


Bill Shorten started the day in his home ground of Geelong.

He announced a multi-million dollar jobs package, to help automotive workers.

The engine plant here will be closing down later this year, resulting in the loss of hundreds of jobs.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “We will provide, if elected, nearly $60 million in transition support, to keep manufacturing alive in Australia, today’s announcement is a good announcement.”

Labor wants to give companies new incentives to create new markets and products in advanced manufacturing.

On the flip side, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull kicked off the second week in Perth and Fremantle.

He was talking up his government’s plans for a dozen off-shore patrol vessels.

The local Austal shipyard, with its 600-strong workforce, will build the new vessels.

And his predecessor won’t be disappearing from sight anytime soon.

Tony Abbott says he’ll serve a full term if elected, and won’t say no to a Cabinet role.

Tony Abbott, Former Prime Minister: “I’m not stamping my feet and shaking my dummy demanding a front bench role, I’m not doing that.”

Mr Turnbull continues his lightning campaign tour, he’s already flown to Darwin.

Mr Shorten will spend a second day in the Geelong region.

Helen Driscoll, QUT News.