Public health experts are urging parents who refuse to vaccinate their infants to think again. They warn a recent drop in immunisation rates among five year olds may have dire consequences.

Philippe Coquerand reports.


Most children at this inner Brisbane facility have been immunised against preventable diseases.

Vox 1: “I think it just adds protection for the children and for families in general as well.”

Vox 2: “It stops them spreading diseases of other children.”

Vox 3: “If I can reduce the number of diseases they catch, that’s always a benefit.”

But not everyone agrees, despite a recent media campaign by Queensland Health highlighting the importance of vaccination.

Queensland Health is alarmed at the latest figures showing a decline in immunisation rates.

While the rates for one and two years olds has improved marginally, the number of five year olds receiving vaccinations has dropped.

Parents in South East Queensland are the leading state in not getting their kids vaccinated.

They believe it poses a too greater risk.

But public health experts beg to differ.

Professor Roy Hall, University of Queensland: “Vaccinating your child will protect them from many serious diseases. The chance of them having a serious side effect of vaccination is very low.”

The state government is aiming for an immunisation rate of 95%, urging skeptical parents to comply for the sake of the community and their kids.

Philippe Coquerand, QUT News.