Source: The Blue Diamond Gallery
Government boosts dementia funding. Source: The Blue Diamond Gallery

Written by Keira Wallace, editied for online by Riana Horner

The Queensland Government has announced a 20 million dollar boost in funding to provide respite care for both those suffering with dementia and their carers.

The funding, which will be increased over the next three years, was delivered after an election commitment to support seniors and the needs of carers.

CEO of Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria Beedle said the support for those in a caring role is vital.

“Alzheimer’s Australia Queensland is really delighted and very much welcomed yesterday the 20 million dollar funding commitment by the Palaszczuk government,” Ms Beedle said.

“In Queensland we have a very large population of people with dementia,” she added.

Ms Beedle said it is such an important area for funding to be boosted.

There are an estimated 1.2 million people currently involved in the care of a person with dementia in Australia and the third leading cause of death.

The Community Services Manager from Alzheimer’s Queensland, Caylie Field, said there is a great demand for carer services and the announcement will offer more flexibility.

“It does allow us to offer people more days to come in and also flexible hours, not just the regular nine to four that a lot of carers are being provided,” Ms Field said.

Ms Beedle said is it predicted there could be 76,000 Queenslanders living with dementia by 2019.

“Dementia is currently the third leading cause of death in Australia and there’s no cure,” she said.