Some of Queensland’s most talented swimmers are preparing to take on the world’s best. They won’t be competing at the Olympics, instead they’ll be at the Down Syndrome world championships in Italy.

Georgie Scotchford reports.


From Brisbane to Florence.

Swimmers at the Corinda pool are training hard to make a splash.

The club has already tasted success in the past.

Michael Cox took out the 50 metre crown in Mexico, two years ago.

Now he wants to do it again.

And is training hard to get there.

Michael Cox, swimmer: “I do about 10 sessions a week. I do three on land and eight in the water.”

The 24-year-old has been swimming since he was five.

He says the sport has changed his life in many ways. He’s even engaged to fellow competitor, Taylor Anderton.

Michael Cox, swimmer: “I’d give up everything for her including my swimming.”

Michael says the Down’s Syndrome World Championships give people like him, a chance to shine.

Michael Cox, swimmer: “It just gives us something to do. It keeps us fit. It keeps us in good shape. It keeps us healthy.”

With the championships fast approaching in July, raising enough money to get over there is the next challenge.

The swimmers are not receiving any funding from the government.

They’re relying on the public’s support to help realise their dream, though Michael says there’s still a little way to go.

When Michael isn’t in the pool himself, he’s teaching others.

Inspiring everyone he meets with this important message.

Michael Cox, swimmer: “Don’t give up, number one rule, don’t give in.”

Georgie Scotchford, QUT News.