A who’s who of fashion, is front row at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Sydney.

Designer Tony Maticevski revealed a stunning opening collection.

But the best fashion foot was not always put forward.

Tess O’Sullivan reports.


Melbourne-born Tony Maticevski proves why he’s making Australian fashion famous overseas, launching the event with bold, modern designs.

Models were sent down the runway in structured two-piece suits and skirts, laden with leather and zips.

Eva Galambos, Parlour X:”Tony’s an absolute hero in the Australian fashion industry, and there’s no question that that was an absolute gun, amazing show.”

Australian sister duo Ginger and Smart presented a collection with a dreamier tone, with textural fabric and cuts inspired by the view of earth from space.

Genevieve Smart, Ginger & Smart: “We were really inspired by all the beautiful layered textures the earth has and all the incredible sort of dreamy, atmospheric colours.”

Beauty can be painful and some of the models felt that more than others.

The festival has an international flavour this year with more overseas buyers attending than ever before, and global fashion houses like Oscar de la Renta showing their designs.

Tess O’Sullivan, QUT News.