The State Government and local councils are seeking public submissions over the next six weeks, before they thrash out a new development plan for South East Queensland. Brisbane’s West End, is sure to draw local comment over its controversial high rises.

Ben Brew reports.


It’s becoming a common sight in West End, block after block of high-rise apartment complexes.

The suburb is grappling with growing population demands, slowly transforming into a concrete metropolis.

Development there will make up part of the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

Jackie Tradd, Planning Minister: “I am very well aware of what people in my local community feel and think about much of the development that’s taking place, and this is the perfect opportunity for them to be part of the process.”

Right now the State Government and City Council are facing local criticism over the ongoing development.

The Boundary Street Markets’ site is now rubble and developers weren’t happy to see our cameras this morning.

Roald Strand, Local Resident: “There needs to be places for people to live, but I think there really needs to be a balance and the cost of living should reflect that really.”

One international town planner says open spaces shouldn’t be sacrificed.

Mitch Silver, New York Parks Development: “Density and open space go together as you start to increase density, you have to offset it and have those open spaces.”

One casualty of high rise development in West End is this local cafe, in its place, 1350 apartments as part of the West Village development.

The Government says South East Queensland needs almost a million more dwellings over the next 25 years when the population reaches an estimated five million people.

Ben Brew, QUT News.