A stunning semi-final performance has secured Australia’s Dami Im, a spot in the Eurovision final. The singer performed her song, ‘The Sound of Silence’ on the world stage this morning.

Kayla Plunkett reports.


It’s a long way from Logan to Stockholm.

Dami Im, Australia’s Eurovision contestant: “Now my heart awakes at the sound of silence, and it beats to the sound of silence, and it beats to the sound of silence.”

Now, Dami is closer to Eurovision glory after a powerful performance in semi-finals this morning, watched by 200 million people.

Dami Im, Australian Eurovision contestant: “I just had so much pressure, excitement and then when the room started singing with me and cheering I was just like, wow, I’m just so lucky.”

There was wall-to-wall coverage locally.

The Dami Army woke early, gathering at her old school, John Paul College.

John Paul College students: “She was amazing and she looked amazing too. It’s unbelievable really, like to think that someone on such a big stage comes from such a small part of Australia, it’s incredible.”

Dami was a teacher at Vian Lin’s Music school.

Vian Lin, Dami’s school friend: “Just go for it, I think we’re all very proud of her, I think she really brings the performance to a bigger stage and represent Australia as well.”

Dami has emerged as a real contender to bring home this year’s title. If you’re a betting person, bookmakers have slashed her odds from $19 to $5, placing her behind contest favourite, Russia.

Dami will join contestants from 25 other countries in the final on Sunday.

Dami Im, Australian Eurovision contestant: “And it beats to the sound of silence.”

Kayla Plunkett, QUT News.