Collingwood arrived in Brisbane today ahead of tomorrow’s game against the Lions. The Pies have had a disastrous start to their season and former coach Mick Malthouse thinks he knows where it all went wrong.

Mary-Clare Simpson reports.


Mick Malthouse says the Pies were on the brink of a mini-dynasty, before he left in 2011.

This season, the team’s only won two out of five but current coach Nathan Buckley, has dismissed his predecessor’s comments.

Nathan Buckley, Collingwood Coach: “I’m aware of the comments and I understand the interest in them right now, but it was five or six years ago and it won’t really help them this weekend.”

In the NRL, Sharks player Jack Bird is ready to play for Origin.

Cronulla coach Shane Flanagan thinks Bird could play for the Blues in various positions.

Shane Flanagan, Cronulla Coach: “He’s been outstanding this year, as a defensive centre he’s been great, doesn’t miss any tackles, competitive, he’s made for that type of footy.”

St George Illawarra beat Canberra 16 to 12 in last night’s game, they’re now in the top eight.

Their win is thanks to an intercepted pass by Euan Aitken in extra time.

Paul McGregor, Dragons Coach: “Nice to be on the end of a win like that, you know, we haven’t had much luck this year so to get a bit tonight in front of your home crowd is really important.”

Mary-Clare Simpson, QUT News.