Independent MP, Rob Pyne, says he and his family have been the target of abuse by the Electrical Trades Union. He says he’s been called a rat and that’s just the beginning.

Mary-Clare Simpson reports..


Mr Pyne says he’s been the target of a hate campaign by the union.

Rob Pyne, Independent MP: “A compulsive liar, a rat, a megalomaniac.”

He says the abuse began when he left the Labor party back in March.

Rob Pyne, Independent MP: “Hope he gets run over by a bus, Pyne makes rat sacks seem like a better option, can you put someone in a wheelchair twice? hang this grub for treason.”

Printouts of the abuse were tabled.

And, LNP leader, Tim Nicholls, demanded a response from The Premier.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Premier: “There is nobody that supports those attacks on the member for Cairns.”

The ETU denies the abuse and says Mr Pyne has mislead parliament.

While Rob Pyne says nasty social media comments are all too familiar, he says this time it’s gone too far and caused significant distress for his family.

The independent member for Cairns says it may be time to leave politics.

Rob Pyne, Independent MP: “Certainly may’ve considered giving it away but you’ve got family, they’re the people you actually keep going for.”

The ETU retaliated by saying they’ll ensure he loses his Cairns seat in the next election.

Mary-Clare Simpson, QUT News.