Another bumpy day for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, on the Federal election campaign trail. He’s been confronted by an angry mum, upset over the cost of education. And, been forced to defend his link to an offshore company named in the Panama Papers.

Ben Brew reports.


Mr Turnbull was campaigning in Melbourne today and the focus was supposed to be on small business.

But it was his business dealings in the 1990s that came under media scrutiny.

Mr Turnbull denied that an offshore company he was director of, failed to meet its legal tax obligations.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “The company in which Neville Wran and I were directors was an Australian listed company and had it made any profits, which it did not, regrettably, it certainly would have paid taxes in Australia.”

It was a happier day for The Opposition Leader.

Singing: “Happy birthday Mr Shorten, happy birthday to you”

On day four in Queensland, he continued discussions on Labor’s education policy visiting schools in Rockhampton.

He’s heading to Sydney ahead of tomorrow night’s first face-to-face debate with the Prime Minister.

Ben Brew, QUT News.