Five men including an Islamic preacher, allegedly trying to join Islamic State have been arrested in North Queensland. They were reportedly under police surveillance when they traveled towards Cape York in a car, towing a tinnie.

Kurravi Piggott reports.


Australian Federal Police are extremely concerned after arresting five potential terrorists.

Shane Patton, Deputy Commissioner, Victoria Police: “This is a serious attempt by five men, who are of a security interest to us. Who have had their passport cancelled. In attempting to exit Australia.”

It’s alleged the men traveled from Melbourne to Cairns in an old car, towing a small boat.

A journey of almost three thousand kilometres.

It’s believed they then planned to travel by boat to Indonesia, then fly to Syria to join Islamic State.

The men, all under thirty, were on terror watch lists.

Police were monitoring the journey and decided to intervene last night, partly because they didn’t want the men to die at sea.

Shane Patton, Deputy Commissioner, Victoria Police: “Ultimately we are investigating the intention to possibly end up in Syria to fight.”

It’s understood one of the men arrested was Musa Cerantonio, a notorious Islamic preacher.

Kurravi Piggot, QUT News.