A mobile app to help detect skin cancer will soon be available to the public. Experts say early diagnosis is the key to treating the disease, in a state with one of the highest rates of skin cancers anywhere in the world.

Imogen Kars reports.


It’s the app that could save your life.

QUT researchers have led a worldwide team developing an app which speeds up the diagnosis of skin cancer.

Professor Monika Jander, QUT public health and social work: “This app will allow them to send photos of their spots and moles possibly to a doctor in the future.”

While doctors and pharmacists currently use the app, the next stage of development will make it available to the public.

Professor Monika Jander, QUT public health and social work: “I guess we are always working trying to improve early diagnosis of cancer because the earlier you find them, especially a skin cancer called melanoma, the better it is for people.”

The Cancer Council says the app will be particularly helpful in this state.

Katie Clift, Cancer Council Queensland: “So Queensland has the highest rates of melanoma in the world, far higher than any other jurisdiction nationally or internationally.”

Experts are encouraging younger Queenslanders to use the app.

Katie Clift, Cancer Council Queensland: “Anything that can help improve the early detection of melanoma, particularly for young people who might not be as savvy in terms of getting their skin checked.”

One in 13 Queenslanders will be diagnosed with melanoma by the time they turn 85. It’s hoped this app will change that.

Imogen Kars, QUT News.