AFL icon, Leigh Matthews, says Queensland can’t sustain two AFL teams. Matthews believes having two sides is pointless, because there isn’t enough demand.

Mary-Clare Simpson reports.


The Lions chairman first voiced his skepticism when The Suns joined in 2011.

Leigh Matthews, Brisbane Lions Deputy Chairman: “I thought that from the very beginning. Nothing will change. The Suns might win premiership. That’s not the issue, I don’t think there is demand for two teams in this part of the world.”

Both teams have struggled on and off field in recent years, they’ve only won four games in total this season.

Collingwood Coach, Nathan Buckley, has given his club a blunt message after four losses.

He says the Pies need to harden up.

Nathan Buckley, Collingwood Coach: “In the first time in my life at the club, we’re picking and choosing a little bit on the field and you can’t win games of footy when you’re like that.”

And Hawthorne midfielder, Sam Mitchell, is set to play against Fremantle on Saturday.

He missed the Hawks’ win against Richmond last Friday, with a corked calf, but expects to be fine for the upcoming match.

Mary-Clare Simpson, QUT News.