Queensland Independent Rob Pyne has put decriminalisation of abortion back on the political agenda. Today, he introduced a Private Member’s Bill, which the Premier says Labor will support.

Tegan Atkins reports.


Rally: “Not the church, not the State, women must decide their fate.”

Supporters of the Cairns MP rallied outside Parliament before his Bill was introduced.

Joining them, several Labor politicians.

Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier: “What a woman decides to do with her body in consultation with her doctor does not belong in the criminal code.”

Shannon Fentiman, Minister for Women: “Queensland is one of the only states that still criminalises the decision made by a woman and her doctor, and I think this is the start of a conversation that we need to have.”

Abortions are currently only allowed in Queensland to prevent serious danger to the woman’s physical or mental health.

Mr Pyne says the Parliament can change that.

Rob Pyne, Cairns Independent: “I’d like to congratulate the Australian Labor Party on giving their members a conscience vote on this issue and encourage the Liberal National Party to give their their members a conscience vote on this issue as well.”

After the rally, Mr Pyne addressed the House.

Rob Pyne, Cairns Independent: “Should this bill pass, the decision for the doctor would simply need to be that continuing the pregnancy poses a bigger risk to the woman than terminating.”

New Opposition leader Tim Nicholls says the LNP favours no change to the current abortion law, but members would be allowed a conscience vote if presented with the Bill in its current form.

Tegan Atkins, QUT News.