By Georgie Scotchford edited for online By Jacob Miley

Bat conservationists have labelled the Ipswich’s mayor’s approach to dealing with problematic bat colonies as “inhumane”.



Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Mayor Paul Pisasale has had enough of noise complaints and health concerns, revealing plans to take matters into his own hands, saying no consequence is too big.

Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland president Madellen Cunningham has slammed the mayor’s suggestion of tree lopping.

“The habitat destruction process that he wants to undertake has been proven to be ineffective,” Miss Madellen said.

“There are lots of professionals and well trained research people out there who can help with this kind of problem and do it in the most humane and effective way.”

Concerns have been raised by neighbouring residents, who say similar projects have sent the flying-foxes, their way instead.

“All he is going to do is shift the problem into somebodies backyard,” Miss Madellen said.

“He is not actually dealing with the issue, and the issue is the bats need to live somewhere.”

Mayor Pisasale is defending his action, saying he is upset the residents are being negatively affected by regulations that put the bats before the people.

Local resident, Stephanie Langlands says it is a real trial living in the middle of a bat colony.

“Everyone that lives there hates it, it is the people that don’t live in the area that are like “oh no don’t hurt them, don’t move them” but everyone I know in the area wants them gone,” she said.