Brisbane’s high-tech traffic management centre is celebrating a milestone. It’s been operating ten years. And the Lord Mayor says, it’s still the city’s main weapon in controlling road congestion.

Jemma Beh reports.


This is the nerve centre controlling Brisbane’s traffic.

It’s a complex task, but it’s been using state of the art technology for a decade to make conditions for the city’s drivers as smooth as possible, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk: “It allows us to monitor not only the travel times but also the, any of the incidents that might be occurring out on the network.”

The Lord Mayor invited our cameras in today for a rare look behind the scenes of this important facility.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk: “It gathers a whole lot of information through Bluetooth capture, about four million detections every day, so that’s a lot of information being scrambled and fed into a system which gives us a lot of information around traffic movement.”

These new technologies are providing commuters with accurate and real time travel information.

Amanda Cooper, Infrastructure Chairman Councillor: “When you’re driving around there’s all sorts of inputs that are coming through to the centre and all of that information helps us make sure we have the best traffic flowing as we possibly can.”

The centre also works with Queensland Police, and acted as mission control during the G20 summit.

The Lord Mayor says new technologies are working, with a five per cent reduction in morning traffic conditions and a 3.5 per cent reduction during the afternoon peak.

Jemma Beh, QUT News.