Dropping an iPhone can be a costly mistake, but a new technology could mean the end of nasty repair bills.

Joseph Ogilvie reports.


A drop like this could set you back a few hundred dollars.

Or worse, put your phone out of action for weeks, while it’s sent away for repairs.

It seems to be a common issue.

Vox 1: “I dropped mine at the Gold Coast one year, I smashed it on the pebbles on the floor it was awful I had to get a new phone, oh my god.”

Vox 2: “I’ve dropped like three phones, other phones and they’ve all broken.”

Vox 3: “This very recently and it’s ridiculously expensive to get it replaced so.”

But this simple $50 cover claims to be the end of cracked screens.

It’s undergone rigorous, if not exactly scientific, testing.

It uses nano technology and D30, a material that’s like play dough, until shocked.

Vox 4: “Soft and flexible, outside of that, upon impact it locks.”

It will hold up if you belt it with a hammer.

Or use the phone as a hammer.

A protector could be money well spent, or better yet just don’t drop your phone, but that seems fairly unlikely.

Joseph Ogilvie, QUT News.