University students will take to the streets to protest proposed hikes in fees. They’re planning a national day of action on Wednesday.

Kurravi Piggott reports.


It’s a new debate, sparked by an old policy.

And it’s left many unhappy.

Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader: “Nobody’s fooled and it’s about time the government stopped attacking students and realize students are the leaders of the future.”

Malcolm Turnbull has announced plans to re-introduce University deregulation.

Carl Jackson, National Union of Students: “Universities can hike up the price to whatever they want.”

The policy was first put forward in 2014, allowing universities to set their own prices.

Potentially, it could see degree prices skyrocket.

Carl Jackson, National Union of Students: “We think that a $100,000 degree could still be a reality.”

The Coalition also announced in its latest budget they’d be cutting $2 billion in funding for higher education.

At the same time, they plan to spend $50 billion on submarines.

A decision the Greens don’t agree with.

Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader: “We are standing with students against the phenomenal cuts, the Turnbull government wants to wreak down on students.”

Senator Waters says her party plans to reduce course fees by 20%.

Also on her hit list the Prepare, Trial and Hire program.

The scheme intends to tackle youth unemployment.

It’d see young people earning $4 an hour in internships that offer no long term job guarantees.

Larissa Waters: “It seems really like slave labour to use when you’re offering young people work at vastly reduced rates.”

Students will protest the plans in cities across Australia on Wednesday. Brisbane’s will take place in Queens Park with hundreds expected to attend.

Kuravi Piggott, QUT News.