Source: flickr
Source: flickr

Written by Jacob Miley, edited for online by Keira Wallace

A new bike lane trial began in Toowong today. The Brisbane City Council initiative seeks to improve safety between cyclists and car users along one of Toowong’s main, and busiest roads.

Sylvan Road is a key connector of the Western Freeway bike path and the Bicentennial Bikeway along Coronation Drive.

The trial will run like a peak-hour clearway with No Standing zones in place from 6am to 9am Monday to Friday and similarly in the afternoon peak hour.

Bicycle Queensland cycling development manager Bernard Holland commended the council on its initiative.

“What council has done has provided a more dedicated travel corridor which lessens the opportunity for incidents between cars and bike riders, such as car dooring or cars reversing as they’re parking,” he said.

Mr Holland says people respond well to the trial.

“I think the public understands that everyone has a right to travel to work safely and come home safely. ┬áThis trial is a significant move by council and the local council… and will be seen as a great provider of a safe corridor,” he said.

A similar trial is being used on the equally busy Annerley Road in Woolloongabba.