Queensland is considered a key election battleground, with both leaders likely to make numerous visits over the next eight weeks.

Reporter Tegan Atkins has been assessing the issues and seats likely to decide the outcome.


The LNP currently holds 22 out of 30 seats here in Queensland, Labor only six. But with several marginal electorates particularly in and around Brisbane, the ALP is aiming to win back as many as seven seats when Queenslanders cast their votes.

Prepare for more of this.

Campaigning will be frenetic throughout the state.

QUT Political Analyst Clive Bean says Petrie, Capricornia, Brisbane, and Forde are some of the most marginal seats in the country.

He’s also identified the crucial issues.

Clive Bean, QUT Political Analyst: “The economy will be important, but it will be important throughout the country. Health is always important, education is always important. Then there are issues like refugees and asylum seekers.”

In the marginal electorate of Brisbane, the LNP’s Teresa Gambaro is retiring this year. Labor’s Pat O’Neil is hoping to peg back the 4.3% margin.

Pat O’Neill, ALP Brisbane candidate: “I’m feeling great. We’ve been out for the last nine months, talking everyday to people in Brisbane.”

Trent Evans, LNP Brisbane candidate: “Well this seat’s not safe by any stretch of the imagination. It is a marginal seat, it’s changed between the two parties in recent history and that means it’s definitely going to come down to the wire.”

Vox 1: “I’d really like to know what the local members are going to do for me, but also for, I’m in education so I really want to know that education is going to be one of the top priorities.”

Vox 2: “The roads are very frustrating. I haven’t been here very long but it’s very frustrating so they need to address that shortly.”

With the latest opinion polls putting the coalition and Labor neck and neck, both sides will no doubt be making a number of high-spending promises here in Queensland over the next eight weeks./blockquote>