Some of Queensland’s true heroes have been honoured this week, at Government House. At today’s Bravery Awards, the Governor said he’s in awe of the selflessness of the men and women, who put their own lives in danger.

Lucy Ross reports.


They are among the State’s highest awards for the bravest of people, and usually only presented before a select few, just families and friends.

This year however, they were streamed live on the Internet.

All but one of the recipients today are current or former police officers, who saw their heroism as just part of the job.

Senior Const. Teresa Anderson, Qld Police: “We just see it as doing our job, we don’t see ourselves as being heroes or as being brave, it’s just something natural for us.”

They were acknowledged for pursuing armed offenders, saving fire victims, dealing with explosives and rescuing injured drivers from water.

Senior Const. Leonard Moroney, Qld Police: “Oh I don’t think much of it, that’s just what we do.”

More than 120 Queenslanders have received awards at Government House this week, many who have waited a long time for this well deserved recognition.

One of them was Jordan Rice, who died saving his brother from floodwaters five years ago.

His father proudly accepted the award.

Lucy Ross, QUT News.