Anthony Watmough may soon have his retirement fast-tracked, as the Eels scramble to save money. It could be Parramatta’s ticket out of the salary cap debacle.

Ashleigh Whittaker reports.


The Eels hope the League will approve the retirement paperwork soon.

If Watmough’s injury is deemed career-ending, that would put the club under the salary cap.

But the Parramatta senior officials embroiled in the salary cap scandal are proceeding with ongoing legal action.

Some say that’s a waste of money.

Eric Grothe Snr, Eels Legend: “So over one-million dollars, way over one-million dollars now, with the current court case, now this on top of that, who knows how far it is going to go.”

And in AFL, the Western Bulldogs are preparing to take on the Adelaide Crows tomorrow night at Etihad.

Jake Stringer’s lack of form has been downplayed by his coach.

Luke Beveridge, Bulldogs Coach: “His performance has been great at times and probably not up to his standard at other times, we don’t expect him to go out and win the game for us.”

Lachie Hunter has been cleared to play after passing a concussion test.

Ashleigh Whittaker, QUT News.