Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and retailers are expecting a last-minute rush for presents. Restaurants, florists and shops around Brisbane believe they could break sales records this year.

Annie Pullar reports.


Flowers, flowers and more flowers, Brisbane’s leading florists are already inundated ahead of what will be the busiest day on their 2016 calendar.

Sue Murray, East Brisbane Florist: “We’ve sort of got to make a provision on Mother’s Day to cover the rest of the year when it’s not so good.”

Retailers are singing, restaurant owners are smiling and customers’ pockets are jingling a little less.

One of the biggest shopping events this year is here, and it looks like mums aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits.

Suzie Ray, Adrift Store Manager: “Well it’s a day on the calendar that gives you an extra boost of retail sales.”

But some gifts aren’t made to last.

Poppy’s Chocolates is offering an array of unique and specially handcrafted little labours of love.

Melinda Milne, Poppy’s Chocolate: “So we use 100kg of chocolate a day that produce thousands of chocolates that will go out to mothers of Brisbane and all around Australia.”

But some mums won’t be sleeping in.

Early Sunday morning, this pave-way will turn into a stampede of Brisbane super mums and their supporters who will walk or run together in the fight against breast cancer.

It all happens at South Bank at 6am.

Ian Harwood, Event Director: “You’ve got breast cancer survivors, breast cancer sufferers out there and you’ve got all their friends and family out supporting.”

Everyone has a special person, it’s just a matter of how to make Sunday a day they won’t forget.

Annie Pullar, QUT News.