QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus looked like an industrial battlefield for a few hours today. Seemingly angry and aggressive students chanted protest slogans and left onlookers wondering what all the fuss was about.

Laura English reports.


This demonstration by QUT’s Film and Entertainment students certainly had its desired effect.

But it wasn’t what it seemed, they were actually yelling and chanting as extras in a production by renowned Hong Kong director, Michael Chu.

Michael Chu is in Brisbane to shoot a promotional video for, of all things, two-way radios.

Michael Chu, Director: “We need a variety of different locations in one spot because we don’t have a lot of time or budget to travel around, therefore I think Brisbane is the best choice.”

Students jumped at the chance to get some real industry experience.

Joanne Kenny, QUT Lecturer: “But they’re actually seeing first hand what happens in the film industry and they’re seeing first hand what they’ve been taught in lectures.”

Patrick Moroney, QUT Student: “I think just being able to work with, as was mentioned, an Oscar nominated director would be a really helpful experience.”

Lucy Hamilton, QUT Student: “It’s just really cool to see all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on.”

So as you can see, not all learning takes place in the classroom.

Laura English, QUT News.